How Tall is the Average Chicken

How Tall is the Average Chicken [Feeding & Care]

The average chicken is around 9 to 10 inches tall. Chickens are among the most common domesticated animals kept by humans.

These birds come in various sizes and colors, and their eggs and meat are stapled ingredients in many cuisines worldwide. Chickens usually stand on two legs and have wings that are not capable of sustained flight. They belong to the bird family Phasianidae, which includes other species such as turkeys, pheasants, and quails.

One of the most common questions asked about chickens is their average height. While the size and weight of chickens vary by breed, the average height of a chicken ranges from 9 to 10 inches. Knowing this information is helpful for chicken keepers to provide a comfortable living space for their birds.

Factors That Affect Chicken Height

Factors That Affect Chicken Height

Chickens are a common sight in many backyards and farms and can add a touch of interest to any homestead. One question that people ask frequently is how tall chickens usually grow. However, it’s not as straightforward as you may think.

Numerous factors go into determining how tall a chicken will be.


Genetics play a significant role in determining how tall a chicken will grow. Here are a few key points to keep in mind regarding genetics:

  • Different breeds of chickens vary in size. Some breeds grow to be quite tall, while others remain quite small. This is due to their genes.
  • A chicken’s parents’ size will also factor into determining its ultimate height.

Breed Of Chicken

The breed of the chicken is another factor worthy of consideration. Below are a few facts about the breed’s impact:

  • Some breeds are naturally larger than others, resulting in more significant overall height.
  • The breed of the chicken can also determine how much growth it experiences over time. Certain types of chickens will stop growing at earlier or later points in their lives.

Environment – Housing, Feeding, And Care

The environment is another critical factor in a chicken’s development. Here’s what you should know:

  • Providing a spacious and safe housing environment that adequately protects chickens from predators is essential to the birds’ growth.
  • Feeding the chickens a balanced diet with sufficient protein, vitamins, and minerals is also crucial.
  • Proper care and handling will also play a contributing role in a chicken’s overall health.

Age Of The Chicken

The age of the chicken is yet another vital element in determining its ultimate height. Below are a few key points worth noting:

  • Chickens grow the most in their first year. Their growth rate is slower as they age.
  • Different breeds of chickens reach their maximum height at varying ages.
  • Some breeds of chickens reach maturity at much earlier or much later stages in their lifecycle.

It is not straightforward to determine how tall a chicken will be. Many factors, including genetics, breed, environment, and age, all play a role. Regardless of a chicken’s size, ensuring that they receive proper care, housing, and nutrition will lead to healthy, happy birds.

Average Chicken Heights Based On Breed

Chicken breeds are different in many ways, including their height. While some chickens can grow to be quite tall, others remain on the shorter side. Here we break down the average heights of chickens based on their breed.

Standard-Size Chickens

Standard-size chickens are the largest of all the breeds and can grow up to 24 inches tall. Here are the key points to consider about standard-size chicken heights:

  • On average, standard-size chickens grow to be 18-24 inches tall.
  • The most common standard-size chicken breeds include Rhode island reds, Plymouth rocks, and leghorns.
  • Females are usually shorter and stockier than males.

Bantam Chickens

Bantam chickens are miniature birds, and as such, they are much shorter than standard-size chickens. Here are the key points to consider about bantam chicken heights:

  • On average, bantam chickens grow to be 8-12 inches tall.
  • Some of the most common bantam breeds include silkies, polish, and serama.
  • Bantam chickens are often considered ornamental because of their small size and unique plumage.

Comparison Of Height To Weight Ratios

While height is one factor that can vary between chicken breeds, it’s essential to note that weight can also play a significant role. Here are some key points to consider when comparing height-to-weight ratios in chickens:

  • Generally, larger chicken breeds will weigh more and be taller, while smaller breeds will have less weight and be shorter.
  • Bantam chickens may be much shorter than standard-size chickens, but they can have a similar weight, making them stocky and compact.
  • It’s critical to consider both height and weight when choosing a breed of chicken for your flock.

Chicken heights can vary significantly depending on the breed, with standard-size chickens growing to be 18-24 inches tall and bantam chickens growing to be 8-12 inches tall. When selecting a breed of chicken, it’s essential to consider both their height and weight to ensure that they are a good fit for your needs.

How To Measure The Height Of A Chicken?

Proper Technique For Measuring A Chicken’S Height

When you want to measure the height of a chicken, it’s essential to do it properly to obtain accurate results. Follow these steps to measure a chicken’s height:

  • Create a measuring platform: Start by creating a sturdy and stable measuring platform that varies in height from the ground. It will provide a level measuring surface, exactly below the chicken’s feet. Ensure the chicken is calm, with their feet flat on the platform surface.
  • Position the chicken: With the measuring platform set up, place the chicken’s feet flat on the platform. Ensure the legs are straight and not bent.
  • Locate the highest point: Once the chicken is standing correctly on the platform, you can identify the highest point on the chicken’s head or back.
  • Use a measuring tape: Starting from the ground straight up to the highest point, use a measuring tape to check the height of your chicken. Make sure to take the measurement from the bottom of the platform to the highest point on the chicken.

Tools Needed For Measuring A Chicken’S Height

Getting the right tools for measuring a chicken’s height can make the task much easier and more efficient. Here are the must-have tools for measuring a chicken’s height:

  • Measuring tape: A measuring tape is essential for obtaining accurate results when measuring the height of a chicken. Make sure it’s long enough to extend from the ground to the highest point of your chicken.
  • Measuring platform: A level measuring platform is necessary when measuring the height of a chicken, mostly to provide a stable surface to support the chicken properly.
  • Chicken’s handler: It’s crucial to have someone to help you keep your chicken calm and still on the measuring platform. A chicken handler must have enough experience handling chickens to avoid harming them or changing their posture during the measuring process.
  • Notebook and pen: Writing down your chicken’s height measurement immediately is crucial to keep track of your findings. Write the date, chicken’s breed, and measurement to keep an organized record.

Remember, the tools needed to measure a chicken’s height are readily available in most hardware or farm stores, and working with the right tools can make the measuring process much more manageable.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Tall is the Average Chicken

What Is The Average Height Of A Chicken?

The average height of a chicken varies between 20-25 cm.

How Tall Can A Chicken Grow?

Generally, a chicken can grow up to 15-45 cm in height.

How Can You Measure The Height Of A Chicken?

You can measure the height of a chicken by using a ruler or measuring tape.

Does A Chicken’S Breed Affect Its Height?

Yes, different breeds of chicken have different heights.

How Long Does It Take For A Chicken To Reach Its Full Height?

It takes around 6-8 months for a chicken to reach its full height.

Is Rooster Taller Than A Hen?

Yes, roosters are usually taller and more robust than hens.

Can Chicken Height Vary Within The Same Breed?

Yes, chicken height can vary within the same breed due to factors like diet and genetics.

Does The Age Of A Chicken Affect Its Height?

Yes, a chicken’s age affects its height, with younger chickens being shorter than mature ones.


After delving into the topic of chicken height, it’s clear that there’s much more to these birds than meets the eye. While the average height varies depending on the breed and age, it’s safe to say that chickens are not as short as one may think.

From large leghorns to bantams, chickens are amazing and diverse creature. Understanding their size can help us better care for them, especially when it comes to building a comfortable and safe coop. Whether you’re a backyard chicken keeper or simply curious about these feathery friends, knowing how tall chickens can grow can be a fascinating topic.

Keep in mind, raising healthy chickens requires attention to their individual needs, including proper food, water, and shelter. With a bit of research and care, your backyard flock can thrive and grow to their full potential.

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